15th JULY 2010:
David Gilmour to play Guitar on The Wall Tour.
Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour is to join his old band mate Roger Waters on The Wall Live Tour either in 2010 or 2011 AT ONE concert to play Comfortably Numb on guitar!
Now, before all the messages start flooding into my inbox, please be aware that not even David Gilmour k nows which concert he will be playing at so we will all have to wait and see!

11TH JULY 2010:
Roger Waters and David Gilmour perform charity show together last night
It seems London was the place to be last night: in a bolt out of the blue, David Gilmour and Roger Waters performed together for the Hoping Foundation Benefit Evening, playing Wish You Were Here! Guy Pratt performed bass duties, whilst Roger was on acoustic guitar. For those of you surprised by Guy’s inclusion, some of you will recall from our Guy Pratt interview back in 2005, Guy was asked to play bass for Pink Floyd at Live8 when the reunion happened…
News of the show, and the appearance by David and Roger, was broken by one of the hosts of the evening, TV presenter Fearne Cotton, who tweeted about the event in the early hours of this morning. There’s a number of pictures from the performance, and the evening itself, over at Getty Images, and if you click the thumbnail to the right, you’ll go directly to them.

More beautiful pictures by Polly Samson at;

And if you want to read what Roager Waters said thought about this all; check out my friends a BrainDamage.

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