News from the last weeks:

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* nterview with Chris Jonker from Mangrove.

* An interview with Göran Edman from Karmakanic.

* Live pictures from IQ.

* Interview with Gerben Klazinga of Knight Area, you can find here.

* Heather Findlay has a lot of news an wants to release a solo EP with the participation of David Kilmister (one of Roger Waters guitarist).

* Alan Parsons comes to the lovely South and more news.

* Unitopia releases a cover album with all the greatest hits 😉
+ Shaun & Jamie left the band! European tour will take place in October.
Want to read reviews and interviews; click here.

* Peter Gabriel wants to scratch your back in Europe (new tour dates for September & October!)

* Roger Waters brings the Wall to Europe! More new dates.

* Live photos of Steve Hackett and a small review from The Spirit of 66 at Verviers (May 2010).

* My fav albums of the last weeks;
Unitopia; Artificial; sublime mix of Prog, Rock and Symfo from Australia. Oh man i’m looking out to see them live in Europe.
Odyssices; Silence, a beautiful inspiring instrumental highlight of the Dutch Prog scene (and they’ll support Unitopia in Zoetermeer 😉
Anathema; you’re here, because you’re here; soft prog rock.
IO Earth; Io Earth; what an fantastic progressive album this is. The use of flügelhorn, trumpet and violins makes it extra ordinary sublime.

Enjoy the soccer and th Music,
Nick from the hot South of the Netherlands