Hello Again!

Firstly I’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who have found me here! It’s great to see so many of you already using the forum and signing my mailing list too!!

Farewell Mostly Autumn

As many of you may already know my final performance as front-woman with rock band Mostly Autumn took place on 2nd of April this year and was filmed for a now soon to be released DVD.

I hope the film captures the true spirit of what was a thoroughly emotion drenched evening, super charged, in my opinion, with some of the band’s most energetic performances to date. Last week took me to Fairview studio’s where I sat in on the mixing sessions for the audio with Bryan Josh and John Spence and the audio alone stands up to being some of the best ever captured during my time with MA and I’m sure the visual aspect, which none of us have yet seen will only enhance this further. Keep an eye on http://www.mostly-autumn.com for news on its’ release date.

Off Radar

I’ve been somewhat quiet publically for a month or two, but since having announced my plans to depart from Mostly Autumn my feet have barely touched the ground! Alongside working very hard on writing for my new solo venture, I have also been involved with some very exciting side projects too…!

Simon Snaize

For many years now I have worked on and off musically with my dear singer, song-writing, guitarist friend Simon Snaize.

Simon moved to the USA for quite some time though we always sought each other out upon his return and so have both contributed in the past to each other’s demo’s and noodles over the years. This time Simon came back long enough to put together a couple of albums…

The second of which, Simon has asked me to sing on and we are due to begin the sessions for which very soon. The album is an eclectic collection of songs with a very tight and beautiful concept which should take the listener on a journey through shades of very English folk a la Nick Drake and Sandy Denny, through almost Bluegrassy Americana, to Classical waltz type pieces with even the odd Tango thrown in! It’s possible you may get to hear the odd drum bash, or whistle toot upon which too as Simon is interested in adding some of what each contributor has to offer. Nice. An album I can’t wait to hear!


Back in February I was approached by producer Tzfat who invited me to collaborate with him and 20 year old Rob McAndrews for an album the pair are working on and is due for release in March next year under the project title Maidu. Back in February I wrote lyrics for and sang on the as yet untitled track which is due for release as Maidu’s first single on 4th October this year.

Maidu can be described as being somewhat akin to similar artists Eskmo and Flying Lotus with the addition of melody – hence my involvement, and are being loosely termed as belonging to the Dubstep genre although being more ‘glitchy, tripped out music infused with dub’.

Working with Maidu gave me a real chance to experience a totally different style of music as a writer and performer. As you know I love so many different types of music and am always willing to explore new avenues, so on hearing the track and being given the brief, I happily accepted! Click here [ http://www.heatherfindlay.net/downloads/SwainAsd.mp3 ] for a little taster. More info as I get it…

Liam Davison

Closer to home, Liam Davison, long term member of Mostly Autumn and dear friend has asked me to collaborate with him on his forthcoming album ‘A Treasure Of well Set Jewels’.

Liam asked me to write lyrics for and sing on album track ‘Once In A Lifetime’ which is a beautiful piece with a gorgeous concept. I accepted Liam’s offer and recorded a guide vocal for which a couple of weeks ago now and am due to record the final version during the album sessions sometime in the next month or so. Working with Liam was so effortless and the collaboration came together very quickly, the album is to be recorded at Fairview with John Spence so I am expecting it to all be as comfy as a pair of old slippers. (If I were to ever wear any that is!)

Rock-a-bye Baby!

On a personal note, I am over the moon to share with you the news that Ian, Harlan and I are expecting baby Findlay-Loftus number two, who is due on Oct 28th 🙂


So, on to the fully ‘Moi’ bit! As you already know the main thing I’ve been doing this year is writing and writing and recording demos and writing some more!

I am happy to report that I have come up with a lot of material that I am really and truly happy with. My musical relationship with Chris Johnson has effortlessly gelled into being a wonderful partnership of unspoken wavelengths and relentless creativity regardless of whatever the angle, genre or flavour of my new material has so far been. To this end and testament to Chris’s limitless talents behind the mixing desk, and with each instrument, noise, effect, or idea he has so far thrown at the material, I have asked him on board to co-produce my project.

Given that the new material has differed so very much from track to track I have decided at this point, rather than try to squeeze and mould a collection of very different sounding songs on to one album and expect them to live happily ever after for album’s sake, I am going to release a series of EP’s compiling of around 4 or 5 tracks each. Each EP will then have its’ own feel entirely. From artwork; format; personnel to of course content! This I find to be a really fresh and invigorating way to work; a way that allows me to push outside of the usual boundaries a bit and to get excited over lots of different feels and special formats and all in a relatively short space of time too.

So, the first EP is likely (although not definitely) to be called Phoenix. Its’ character is dark, quirky, bohemian, rocky and very vibey! Oh, and did I say rocky? Well, that too!! I am still a tidsy bit undecided as to who I will be asking on board in the rhythm section department at the minute, although I am thoroughly excited to announce that guitarist Dave Kilminster will be joining us for EP number 1! For those of you that don’t know him, he is a bit of a guitar-hero/god/meister! And fortunately, friend too so we probably won’t have to gold-plate the studio bathroom taps… this time! 🙂 Seriously though I first met Dave many years ago through Anne-Marie Helder, furthermore, on stumbling upon him (not literally you understand) at the Roger Waters after-show in Malta 2006, we became very good friends and have come to realise we have a lot of common ground in terms of musical tastes and indeed sense of humour so I can’t wait to get jamming! The sessions with Dave are to take place before his departure for the forthcoming, all new RW tour which begins in late August this year.

I plan to see ‘EP number 1’ released sometime in September. More updates soon!

Time to love you and leave you…

Thanks so much for being so supportive and for your patience through my silent moments too!

Take care all and see you soon!


Heather xxx