Sorry to start my blog with a sad journey.
But is it really sad news? Mmm at this moment “yes” but i guess that all things move forewards and we’ll surprised by the new musical devellopments of Mostly Autumn and Heather Findlay.
So here we go:

Heather Findlay left Mostly Autumn after 13 years of a great musical journey.
Heather Findlay was together with the band leader and founder Bryan Josh the driving force in this ProgRock Band.
She had excellent songwriting skills that moved the emotional songs to a higher level.
And besides that she grew out to a great performer, with an beautiful voice.
Saw her the first time in 2001 at the famous Spirit of 66 in Verviers. And i was falbbergasted, Heather was maybe a bit shy and not used to perform, but the act and the songs rocked the cozy venue. And a fabulous cover of Comfortably Numb made me think i heard David Gilmour saying and playing with a angel…
In that time i run a site devoted to David Gilmour and all his side projects, think 40 pages or so… but then i started to add Mostly Autumn and all my cd’s in my wardrobe (humptie dum… me i’m just a lawn mayer….) and all time favourites. Now the site is 500 page big and too long. And i became their Europian Agent, whatever that means 😉
So yes a band that stole my heart.

Olivia Sparnenn will take over the lead vocals. Olivia Sparnenn is their background singer since 2005, London. A great gig by the way and where i met some friends, of course Troy Donockley (who will be an item of this blof too) and the young lover birds Rachel Jones and Matthew Cohen.
Olivia took over the lead vocals last year in de nieuwe Nor (the new Jail) in Heerlen and the Pul in Uden, when Heather had to fly home to take care of familie bussiness (her Harlan was just a few mounths young).
These were one of the most remarkable gigs i experienced. Of course i missed Heather, her charisma, her style. But Olivia did a great job, a bit shy, uncertain, but great and the band? They were in flames, jeemie they were like a vulcano…

So i’m convinced that the upcoming live shows without Heather will be smashing, different but smashing.

You’ll find Heathers “farewell letter” and Bryans comment on that at
Her farewell gig will be:
02.apr.2010 Assembly Rooms, Leamington Spa
Be there!

I wish Heather and Bryan and his band a great successful musical journey thru the woods of shrinking violets and beyond.

Carpe Diem,
Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

More dates:
140410 Bibelot Dordrecht NL
150410 De Kade Zaandam NL
160410 Auw Kerk Bunde
(Maastricht) NL
170410 Metropool Hengeloo NL
180410 W2 Den Bosch NL

150510 Shepherds Bush Empire London
Wishbone Ash, Mostly Autumn and Panic Room.